Error when starting task with DM binary deployment

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Original topic: DM binary 方式部署 start-task 报错

| username: 南宫007

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“result”: true,
“msg”: “”,
“sources”: [
“result”: true,
“msg”: “”,
“sourceStatus”: {
“source”: “mysql-01”,
“worker”: “worker1”,
“result”: null,
“relayStatus”: null
“subTaskStatus”: [
“name”: “shard_merge”,
“stage”: “Paused”,
“unit”: “Sync”,
“result”: {
“isCanceled”: false,
“errors”: [
“ErrCode”: 36069,
“ErrClass”: “sync-unit”,
“ErrScope”: “upstream”,
“ErrLevel”: “high”,
“Message”: “get binlog event error: ERROR 1236 (HY000): Client requested master to start replication from position > file size”,
“RawCause”: “”,
“Workaround”: “Please check if the binlog file could be parsed by mysqlbinlog.”
“detail”: null
“unresolvedDDLLockID”: “”,
“sync”: {
“totalEvents”: “7”,
“totalTps”: “0”,
“recentTps”: “0”,
“masterBinlog”: “(mybinlog.000004, 194)”,
“masterBinlogGtid”: “d6170ffa-c6fa-11ed-bd6d-46a07fb8ee2c:1-4”,
“syncerBinlog”: “(mybinlog.000003, 4753)”,
“syncerBinlogGtid”: “d6170ffa-c6fa-11ed-bd6d-46a07fb8ee2c:1-18”,
“blockingDDLs”: [
“unresolvedGroups”: [
“synced”: false,
“binlogType”: “remote”,
“secondsBehindMaster”: “0”,
“blockDDLOwner”: “”,
“conflictMsg”: “”,
“totalRows”: “7”,
“totalRps”: “0”,
“recentRps”: “0”
“validation”: null

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Is the upstream binlog normal?

If there has been a master-slave switch, it is recommended to use GTID…

Refer to this post:

| username: 南宫007 | Original post link

I found the reason. My backup dm_meta database still had the binlog metadata from previous tests.

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