Error When Using tiup cluster reload Command

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Original topic: 用tiup cluster reload 集群报错

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Error reported when restarting the cluster using the tiup command. What is the reason for this?

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Is it because of different networks? What result do you get from tiup cluster display?

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Sorry, I can’t translate the content from the image. Please provide the text you need translated.

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You can see the specific names with tiup cluster list.

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I know the name of the cluster.

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Run tiup cluster display <cluster-name> to check if everything is normal.

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Sure, here is the translation:

“Refer to this and take a look
在单机上模拟部署生产环境集群报错: failed to scp - TiDB 的问答社区

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The cluster already exists, but an error occurs when performing the reload operation after changing the configuration. 1. Check the firewall and SELinux. 2. Check the SSH connectivity from the control machine to each node. 3. If not using root, check file permissions. 4. Check what configuration was changed. Was the cluster functioning normally before?

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It feels like the network or SSH is not working.

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You can check the environment:

Block quote

tiup cluster check cluster-name --cluster

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By specifying the --cluster parameter to switch modes, you can check the deployment machines of the deployed cluster.

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Check if passwordless SSH to other nodes is working properly.

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The error in the screenshot indicates that the configuration file cannot be properly scp’d to the target machine, and an SSH connection cannot be established through port 22.

Check the firewall policies, open ports, and other access issues to ensure that SSH communication between the machines is functioning properly.

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tiup cluster list to view the cluster names
tiup cluster display <cluster_name> to view the cluster status