[Event Recommendation] AI For Everyone! Exploring the Application of ChatGPT Prompts in Team Building Projects

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Original topic: 【活动推荐】AI For Everyone!看看 ChatGPT 提示词在团建工程中的应用

| username: YY-ha

:alarm_clock:Event Time and Method:
February 7, 2024, 21:00-22:00 Tencent Meeting


  • Tutu: Enthusiastic about exploring interesting things, enjoys the epiphany of discovering underlying logical connections
  • Zheng Yu: A tech enthusiast passionate about open-source projects, believes that automated software development is the ultimate application of Agent technology

:star2:Event Content:

  1. Basic knowledge of Prompt
  2. Building software development workflows with Prompt
  3. Demo presentation

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Looks good, let’s take a look.

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Tonight, go and watch.