[Event Review] Annual Beijing Offline New Year Tea Gathering: What Did the Community Veterans Discuss?

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Original topic: 【活动回顾】一年一度北京线下新年围炉茶会,看看社区老法师们都聊了啥?

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I’m very happy to meet old friends again!
The 2024 New Year Hearth Tea Party is organized by Zhihu’s Dai Xiaolei and Tongcheng Travel’s Tian Shuaimeng, the organizers of the TiDB community in Beijing, together with the TiDB community! Thanks for lighting up the city’s communication for the community!

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Financial Domestic Database Practice - PingCAP Dai Tao.pdf (3.9 MB)

Some Thoughts on TiDB’s “Going Global” in 2023 - PingCAP Xu Lijia.pdf (533.1 KB)

Introduction to TiDB Roadmap - PingCAP Zhang Ye.pdf (743.1 KB)

Thanks - TiDB Community in 2023 - TiDB Huang Manshen.pdf (17.7 MB)

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Next, let’s review the schedule of the 2024 TiDB New Year Hearth Tea Party. This year’s hearth tea party is themed “Reviewing the Past Year and Looking Forward to Future Development”. The opening was hosted by PingCAP founder Cui Qiu, who extended New Year greetings to TiDB users.

How did TiDB develop over the past year?
Teachers Dai Tao and Xu Lijia respectively talked about TiDB’s practices and breakthroughs in the financial market over the past year, as well as TiDB’s overseas experiences in the global market.

In addition to the review from PingCAP, veteran community members also shared their experiences using TiDB over the past year. Teacher Liu Qiang from Zuoyebang shared “TiDB Supporting Zuoyebang’s Diversified Massive Data Business”, and old friend Dai Xiaolei from Zhihu shared “TiDB Practices at Zhihu, with Some Personal Thoughts on Database Development”. There were continuous questions, answers, and PK on-site!

This year, we also continued the roast session from the 2021 DevCon. Lao Fang and Tian Shuaimeng hosted the roast session of this hearth tea party. Although it was a roast, we received users’ desire to use TiDB better. Thanks to the teachers who have accompanied TiDB’s growth all the way!

Finally, our TiDB core product manager shared the future focus of our product: stability, performance, and ease of use! We believe these are the three most important things for all users. How to meet users’ requirements for stability and performance while keeping costs under control is also the direction TiDB has been striving for.

Since it’s a review, of course, we can’t miss the “soul figure” of the community, the annual review from Biaomei. We are fortunate to have so many community friends accompanying us this year, which is why we have the evaluation “TiDB community is pretty good”. Thanks to every friend who left their footprints in the TiDB community, and we will continue to walk together in the future!

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There are no PPTs at the community flash events either. This is a new format for community activities where the guest speakers adjust their content flexibly through Q&A interactions with the audience, so no fixed PPTs are set~ :face_with_monocle:

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