Executing Large SQL Reports 9005 - Region is Unavailable, Despite Table Data Being Only 20 Million

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Original topic: 执行大SQL 报9005 - Region is unavailable,关键是表数据量才2千万

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A table with more than 20 million records, both createtime and channel have indexes.
Executing the following query in native MySQL just takes a bit longer, but in TiDB, it doesn’t return any results at all:

select createtime from loginfo aag where aag.channel = 'laiyuan' and aag.createtime >= 1708012800000

Experts, do you have any good optimization and query suggestions for large tables?

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To add: The system’s daily load is very low.

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Encountered an issue when accessing a certain storage region. Check if the TiKV node is unavailable or if there is a PD scheduling problem.

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Occasionally or consistently appearing

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Is the network connection normal?

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Check the status of the TiKV nodes and see if the logs are normal.

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Is the data volume large? Try adding it to TiFlash.

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Is the result set of the query very large? Can you share the execution plan?

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Post the execution plan and let’s take a look.

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Refer to this for troubleshooting: TiDB 集群问题导图 | PingCAP 文档中心

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Timeout, error service unavailable? Is the channel field highly distinct? Check with explain. It might not be using the index. Can you add a limit 1 to see if it returns a result?

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Does it keep happening?

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Use the tiup cluster display <cluster-name> command to check if there are any abnormalities in the cluster status. Additionally, when a Region of a table is undergoing Split or Merge operations, the Region may be temporarily unavailable. This situation usually does not require manual intervention; just wait for the operation to complete. So you need to check whether this issue is occasional or consistently unavailable.

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Need to check the network.

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The result set is not large, but the base data volume is very large.

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As long as it is executed, it will appear.

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The channel differentiation is not high.

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How to force the use of TiFlash?

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Try using a composite index and check the execution plan. Currently, the two fields are indexed separately, so only one index can be used per query.

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force index