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Course Name: Core Principles and Architecture of TiDB Database (101)

Study Duration: 585 minutes

Course Gains:

Through the course, I learned about the basic architecture and concepts of TiDB.

Course Content:

Mainly introduces the basic architecture of TiDB and the basic functional principles of each component.

Issues or Extended Thoughts During Learning:

After studying the 101 course, I found that as long as you follow the video and study it at least twice, passing the exam is quite easy. Initially, I was a bit worried about not passing, but after watching it multiple times and taking notes, I realized that with thorough preparation, passing the exam is very easy. A good memory is not as reliable as a bad pen; I suggest everyone take notes and create mind maps of key points while watching the videos. Here are my notes for reference. Once you grasp the content, passing the exam is very easy.

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Congratulations on passing the exam. I just started and passed a free practitioner qualification exam.

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Thank you for sharing.

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Is it points redemption? How can I quickly earn points? I can’t hold on to 699 points.

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Thanks for sharing.

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I’m confident now.

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PCTA is relatively simple, and the exam consists of theoretical knowledge from the course.

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First, earn enough points.

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This diagram is clear, thanks a lot.

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Your mind map is great. Saved it. Thank you.

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Very good.

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You’re awesome, I need to work harder too.

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Truly awesome

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First of all, congratulations on passing the exam. As long as you are dedicated, passing it in one go is not a problem. During this process, you will encounter unexpected surprises.

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Detailed information, impressive.