Expired_at in service-gc-safepoint

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Original topic: service-gc-safepoint中的expired_at

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  "service_id": "backup-stream-pitr-test-58",
  "expired_at": 1703318915,
  "safe_point": 446512907227758600
  "service_id": "backup-stream-pitr-test-59",
  "expired_at": 1703318915,
  "safe_point": 446512907227758600

Used to query the current GC safepoint and service GC safepoint.

How should the value of expired_at in the result be understood?

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Could it be the timestamp at that time?

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Guess the timestamp, you see it starts with 170, didn’t we just go from 169 to 170? :joy_cat:

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It is a future timestamp:
(root@[(none)]> select from_unixtime(1703318915);
| from_unixtime(1703318915) |
| 2023-12-23 16:08:35 |
Indeed, the GC started to advance after 16:00.

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Expired TSO time

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