Facial Recognition for PCSD Exam Keeps Failing, Multiple Users Experiencing the Same Issue

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Original topic: PCSD考试人脸识别一直报认证失败,好几个人都是样的问题。

| username: Csong

Course Name: PCSD Certification Exam (2023.3.16)

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I’m starting to doubt myself.

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Tried crazily for 30 minutes.

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https://learn.pingcap.com/learner/user/real-name Please ensure that you have completed the real-name authentication. If you have successfully registered for the exam, you can enter the exam room before 20:50 to take the exam.

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Will I be able to take the exam normally later? There shouldn’t be any issues on my end anymore.

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Went crazy taking selfies in front of the camera for 30 minutes :rofl:

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The algorithm needs to be optimized.

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It is recommended to do a simulation before the exam.

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Experienced a girl’s daily selfie.

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