Failed to import the TiDB library module in Golang code

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Original topic: 在golang代码里import tidb库的模块失败

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I want to reuse a parsing module from TiDB in my own project, but I encountered an error during import. The error message is: module found (v1.0.9), but does not contain package

Additionally, the versioning of the TiDB Golang library is quite confusing, with the latest version still being from 2019. Why isn’t it consistent with the TiDB release versions? Am I using it incorrectly? What is the correct way to reuse the library code? Is there any documentation available?

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If according to the version number displayed on, the error is:

go: downloading v0.0.0-20231013125129-93a834a6bf8d
go: test/event_handler imports reading 404 Not Found
        server response: not found: invalid version: missing at revision 93a834a6bf8d
| username: dba-kit | Original post link

I found an alternative package which can be successfully referenced.

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Excellent, truly deserving of the title “Master”.

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Awesome :100: :+1:, according to the prompt, it’s the wrong version.

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The master is awesome, you could write a column about it.

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