Failed to Start Port 4000 When Setting Up a Single-Node TiDB Cluster

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Original topic: 单节点搭建TIDB集群遇到4000端口启动失败

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Command executed: tiup cluster start space --init
Error reported:
Error: failed to start tikv: failed to start: tikv-20160.service, please check the instance’s log(/tidb-deploy/tikv-20160/log) for more detail.: timed out waiting for port 20160 to be started after 2m0s

The firewall is turned off.

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Version 6.5.0

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Take a look at what error is reported here.

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It is probably due to insufficient hardware resources.

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How much hardware resources are needed?

| username: guoqianru_tudou | Original post link

tikv.log (2.8 MB)

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Resolved, insufficient hardware resources.

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