Failure During TiDB Lightning Import

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Original topic: tidb lightning导入时失败

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When using lightning to import, it prompts a syntax error with double quotes.

However, this database creation statement can be executed directly in TiDB without any errors. Is it a configuration issue with lightning?

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How did you export the data? Normally, the database should use backticks, but why are there double quotes when you export it?

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The default is already present in the data exported by dumpling.

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Please provide the contents of the lightning configuration file and the directory contents exported by dumpling.

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Was the SQL in the second image exported or written by yourself?

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The issue has been resolved. Lightning also needs to set sql-mode=ANSI_QUOTES.

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Got it. Is this enabled by default, or do we need to adjust the SQL mode ourselves?

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Need to add manually.

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Got it!

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Got it. When ANSI_QUOTES is not set, backticks (`) are typically used to quote identifiers (such as table names, column names, etc.), while double quotes (“) are used to quote string literals. However, when ANSI_QUOTES is set, the content within double quotes (”) is no longer considered a string but is treated as an identifier.

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I usually set this to empty.