Feasibility of Using S3 as Storage for TiKV

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Original topic: tikv使用S3作为存储可行性

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In the production environment, there is a data lifecycle, such as retaining data from the past year, while data older than a year is considered cold data with very low access frequency. Is it possible to migrate this cold data to a TiDB cluster based on S3 storage? Has anyone used this before, and are there any points to be aware of?

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TiKV does not support S3, right?

However, you can use placement rules to schedule infrequently accessed data to cheaper storage corresponding to TiKV. This is currently achievable.

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Cold data can be backed up to S3 storage and restored when needed.

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You can use it manually or create a script.

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Cold data can be stored on mechanical disks, and then the strategy can be adjusted through placement rules.

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There will be some low-frequency accesses, such as the historical order function. When you click on more orders from a year ago, the request will be routed to TiDB data, while others will go through MySQL.

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