Field Missing During Data Sync: Logs Show Field Not Found, No Deletion Logs in Dashboard, No Other Logs in TiDB to Determine Cause?

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Original topic: 数据同步时,表中的某个字段突然丢失了,日志显示找不到这个字段,dashboard中没有找删除的日志信息,tidb中还没有其他日志可查询字段丢失的原因?

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During data synchronization, a certain field in the table suddenly went missing. The logs show that the field could not be found, and there is no log information about the deletion in the dashboard. Are there any other logs in TiDB that can be queried to find the reason for the missing field?

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admin show ddl jobs all to filter your table and take a look

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It seems to be using the Python pymysql library to fetch data from the TiDB database? Check the TiDB DDL job logs with ADMIN SHOW DDL;

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Didn’t find any operations through Job_id.

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Can the query ADMIN SHOW DDL JOB QUERIES find out which database user performed the operation?

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Check the configuration file to confirm whether the synchronization rule for the field was intentionally or mistakenly deleted.

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