Fix the format of the information after BR backup is successful, do not change it with each version

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Original topic: BR备份成功后的信息格式固定下,不要每个版本都不一样

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Please standardize the information format after a BR backup is successful, so it doesn’t change with each version.

Every time we upgrade to a new version, the script needs to be adjusted. The script is used to determine whether the backup was successful and to provide detailed information about the backup.

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:+1: Same question

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Well said.

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This indeed makes sense. You can output a file tag indicating success or failure, which is quite convenient. Details are in another file.

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I agree, I also use the same logic to determine whether the backup is successful.

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That’s reasonable. The official team could directly add a backup function visualization in the monitoring.

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Not bad, thumbs up.

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