Flashback Garbage Collection Lifecycle

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Original topic: 闪回flashback垃圾回收生命周期

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Can the lifecycle of flashback GC recycling be freely set?

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What is the default value?

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This parameter? tidb_gc_max_wait_time, 24 hours.

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It’s tidb_gc_life_time, but setting this value too high also carries certain risks.

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Tested and found that it is the parameter tidb_gc_life_time, which performs recycling in fixed cycles.

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tidb_gc_life_time is the retention time for objects. The database’s scheduled garbage collection task parameter tidb_gc_run_interval defaults to 10 minutes, meaning it checks every 10 minutes for objects that have exceeded the tidb_gc_life_time and starts the collection process.

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I will find time to test and verify.

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