Frequently Encountering PD Status Changing to Down and TiKV Status Changing to N/A When Checking Cluster Information

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Original topic: 查看集群信息经常出现pd的status变为Down,tikv的Status变为N/A

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When using tiup cluster display tidb-cluster, the status of PD often changes to Down, and the status of TiKV changes to N/A. Does this happen to you as well?

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This situation has never occurred.

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This issue did not occur in V6.5.0. When an exception occurs, take a look at the logs.

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Normally, this shouldn’t happen. Check if it’s really down by running tiup cluster display tidb-cluster --uptime.

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The test cluster has never appeared.

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It has never happened before, but TiDB has experienced issues where it couldn’t start due to OOM (Out of Memory).

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I occasionally encounter this issue, but it resolves itself after a while. In fact, the cluster is fine, it might be a network problem, so I haven’t paid much attention to it.

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This issue shouldn’t occur frequently. Is it a mixed deployment? Could it be due to insufficient memory, causing frequent OOM (Out of Memory) errors?

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Are you experiencing network fluctuations?

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It happened a few years ago when I first started using it, but it hasn’t happened since.

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Is it normal to ping each node with tiup?

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Stable, check the network.

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Which version of TiDB is it? Try to choose a stable LTS version. The network stability also needs to be checked.

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ps -ef | grep tidb to check the start time
Which specific version?

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Several test clusters, never seen anything like this before. Do you think there might be a network issue?

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Just to clarify, is it only the display showing an abnormal status, or is the actual cluster unavailable?

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I haven’t encountered this before. Previously, I experienced that the TiDB instance would restart periodically. Since there were multiple instances, it didn’t affect usage. After upgrading to 6.5, it hasn’t happened again.

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Is the scheduled restart punctual?

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It has never happened before. Is your issue consistent, or has it always been like this?

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We are using version 7.1 here and have not encountered this issue.