Full Data + Incremental Data Migration in DM

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Original topic: DM数据全量+增量数据迁移

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Using DM cluster to migrate data from MySQL to TiDB. The current migration mode configured is full + incremental. How can I confirm if the full data synchronization is complete? Also, what is the synchronization order, does it first synchronize the full data and then the incremental data?

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There is corresponding monitoring in Grafana.

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You can see the progress status with query-status.

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First, perform full synchronization, then incremental synchronization.

  1. The first method is to monitor the status of the synchronization task through Grafana.
  2. The second method is to observe the specific execution status through dmctl.

tiup dmctl --master-addr xxxx:8261 query-status

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How to deal with this? The relevant version of the package is also available.

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How is the configuration file written?

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The image is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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Do I need to specify the version in the configuration file, and how do I modify it?

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DM Cluster Hardware and Software Requirements | PingCAP Documentation Center

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It was deployed according to the official website’s method.

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Check the version documentation for DM. Is your v6.5.0 correct?

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I downloaded version 5.3.0. Can I directly run tiup dm deploy dm-test v5.3.0 ./topology.yaml --user tidb -p like this? I see that the monitoring package downloaded is version 4.3.

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It must be full first, then incremental.

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Is it possible that Prometheus and Grafana were not downloaded completely? Check if they can be extracted. If not, delete and re-download them.

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tiup mirror show

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After creating the DM synchronization, you can use the following command to check the migration task status and migration phase: tiup dmctl --master-addr xxxx:8261 query-status xxx

Migration phases: dump (full export) + load (full import) + sync (incremental synchronization)

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