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Need to use TiCDC for data synchronization. The system’s default gc_lifetime is 10 minutes. About 1 billion data needs to be imported into another cluster using Lightning, and then synchronized. May I ask, what do you usually set tidb_gc_life_time to when doing TiCDC synchronization? I have set it to 8 hours now, is that too high?
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You can evaluate how long the data synchronization takes, and then decide how much to adjust the GC based on the synchronization process duration.

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If TiCDC has unsynchronized data that hasn’t been synchronized to the same city, TiCDC will block the GC of the TiDB cluster.

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Data import also takes a long time. If you don’t adjust the GC in advance, the data might expire within 10 minutes, and the TSO used during export would become invalid, right?

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What you’re referring to is the GC of the TiDB cluster itself, which is not the same configuration as TiCDC’s GC, right? You just need to ensure that the export time does not exceed the GC of the TiDB cluster itself, and then the time for export + Lightning + TiCDC does not exceed TiCDC’s GC, which seems to be 24 hours by default.

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