Grafana in TiDB cannot display DM monitoring, while other TiDB, PD, and KV metrics are visible

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Original topic: tidb 的 Grafana 看不到 dm的监控,其他的tidb,pd,kv都可以看到。

| username: TiDBer_2nbBAGRs

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.5.0
Installed TiDB and DM clusters using tiup.
Currently, I found that Grafana cannot display DM’s monitoring information.

This is the DM topology

This is the TiDB topology

Is it because the Grafana configuration for TiDB and DM is the same, causing Grafana to not display DM’s monitoring?

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I remember DM has independent monitoring.

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They need to be connected together to have it; by default, they are separate.

If DM is not deployed with monitoring, then it won’t be available.

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Isn’t DM monitoring deployed independently?

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DM needs to be deployed independently.

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Currently, the monitoring systems of DM and TiDB clusters deployed through tiup are independent of each other. You need to manually merge the Prometheus configuration files and Grafana dashboard files.

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…These are two clusters, it is recommended to install them independently and not share them.

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