Have you tested the new features of version 7.6.0?

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Original topic: 7.6.0的新特性,你们测试过了吗?

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TiDB 7.6.0-DMR

We focus on helping enterprises quickly build applications based on the TiDB database, so they don’t have to worry about database performance, performance jitter, security, high availability, disaster recovery, SQL statement performance troubleshooting, and other issues. In version 7.6.0, you can get the following key features. For more details, please refer to the TiDB 7.6.0 release notes.

  • Cross-database binding execution plans
  • BR snapshot recovery speed increased by up to 10 times (experimental feature)
  • Table creation performance increased by 10 times (experimental feature)
  • Enhanced PD Region information query service scalability through Active PD Follower (experimental feature)
  • Support for TiProxy (experimental feature)
  • Data Migration (DM) officially supports migrating MySQL 8.0 (GA)
    Especially with the 10x BR improvement and load balancing TiProxy, has anyone done the best practice?
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Marking this, waiting for other experts.

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According to the documentation, TiProxy’s performance is not as good as HAProxy, but as a specially developed component, it is expected to become stronger in the future.

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There are quite a few people trying out tiproxy.

Here’s a demonstration video on Bilibili: TiDB 集群无停机在线滚动升级方案(AI 配音版本)_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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Hmmm, TiProxy has gone GA while I was watching; let’s study it :laughing:

Ref: 专栏 - 快讯!TiDB v8 发版!超硬核 v8 引擎! | TiDB 社区

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Done, production relies on TiProxy 8.0.

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Not yet, I’m preparing to upgrade from 5.3 to 7.5.

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Still learning. Haven’t tested yet.

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I saw the best practices posted by this expert @像风一样的男子
专栏 - TiDB v8.0 组件 TiProxy 测试 | TiDB 社区.

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The official test report

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Still learning. Haven’t tested yet.

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Some testing environments are in use, but the new features have not been tested yet.

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