High Download Bandwidth for a Single TiDB Role

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Original topic: 单个tidb角色的下载带宽大

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When checking the monitoring, the upload bandwidth of the kv role in TiDB is very high, each exceeding 1Gb. The download bandwidth of one TiDB role is over 3.5Gb, while the download bandwidth of the other two TiDB roles is just a few Mb. Is this normal?
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Is this situation normal?

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Normal, keep observing and see what business the database is running.

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I just restarted the TiDB role and it worked :joy:

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If you have three TiDB servers and the business mainly connects to one of them, it is normal for that TiDB server to have high bandwidth usage. If your data is relatively balanced, the bandwidth usage of each TiKV should be similar. If one TiKV has high usage, it indicates that the data is unbalanced and there is a hotspot on the corresponding TiKV node.

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It mainly depends on the business needs.

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TiDB is a distributed database, but tasks are executed by individual nodes. Therefore, it is normal for some nodes to be busier at certain times. However, the extent of the busyness should be analyzed in conjunction with resource usage. If the busy period lasts for a long time, it is also important to identify and address hotspot issues.

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That’s a bit fierce. :joy:

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Just asking, what is this “role”?

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It’s abnormal, possibly due to slow SQL full table scans and other operations.

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Just restart it, I have encountered this issue before.