High Memory Usage in TiKV

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Original topic: tikv内存占用过高

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The memory usage of the TIKV node has been too high recently and hasn’t decreased. Normally, it should be around 63%, but now it is consistently above 70%. What could be the reason for this?

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The default setting is a single-node single-service mode. If you need to deploy in a mixed mode, you have to set the resource allocation for each service on this node, which is quite complex.

It is generally not recommended, and maintenance will also be more difficult.

Refer to this:

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Is it the default configuration? For mixed deployment, memory-related parameters need to be adjusted, otherwise, it is very easy to encounter OOM (Out of Memory).

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For mixed deployment, set storage.block-cache.capacity to a smaller value, as it defaults to 45% of the machine’s memory.

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SHOW config WHERE NAME=‘storage.block-cache.capacity’
Check if it’s too large. For example, on your 65-node setup with 1 PD, 1 TiDB, and 2 TiKV nodes, if you have 64GB of memory, it’s recommended to allocate around 8GB for each TiKV node.

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These two parameters can be used to control TiKV memory usage:

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This value was set to 10GB during deployment, and it has remained stable at 10GB.

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I set the storage.block-cache.capacity of each TiKV to 10GB.

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So each of the two nodes used 10G for block-cache-size. I see that one TiKV process is using around 18G, which seems normal. Are there any anomalies in the cluster right now?

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The remaining memory is running low, and I’m worried that a large number of queries might cause the node to restart. Currently, the memory usage of the TiKV node has soared to 22GB.

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In general, it’s like this. For your mixed deployment, it is recommended to isolate resources with NUMA.

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