Hiring Data Development Engineer

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  1. Assist the department head in designing company-level data architecture from L1 to L3, and be responsible for the design and implementation of L4 to L5;
  2. Lead the team to build a company-level data warehouse, responsible for the design and implementation of data collection, data cleaning, data integration, and data modeling;
  3. Lead the team to build a company-level data platform, responsible for platform selection, deployment, maintenance, and optimization to meet the upstream team’s requirements for data timeliness, accuracy, and flexibility;
  4. Manage and maintain ETL tools (Talend) and jobs;
  5. Responsible for the daily maintenance and performance optimization of the data platform and data warehouse;
    Complete tasks assigned by superiors on time.

Professional Requirements:

  1. Proficient in mainstream big data frameworks such as Hadoop, capable of independently completing platform construction and operation;
  2. Proficient in enterprise-level data warehouse design and ETL development experience, with experience in layered data warehouse architecture design;
  3. Familiar with the development and implementation of real-time data warehouses, offline data warehouses, and tag warehouses;
  4. Proficient in using one or more databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, TiDB;
  5. Have at least one complete big data platform implementation experience, with experience in data middle platform construction preferred;
  6. Possess good interpersonal skills, communication skills, and the ability to think independently and handle emergencies.

Job Requirements:

  1. Education: Full-time [Bachelor’s degree] or above;
  2. Work Experience: More than 5 years of data architecture work experience;
  3. Personality Traits: Calm personality, serious and positive work attitude, principled in doing things;

Location: Guangzhou

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Okay, probably not, because I don’t understand this company-level data architecture L1-L3, responsible for the design and implementation of L4-L5.

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What company is this?

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What do L1 ~ L5 represent?

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A retail company

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The architectural logical layers of a data warehouse

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