Hiring Group IT Director (Near Songshan Lake, Dongguan, New Energy Industry)

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Original topic: 招聘集团IT总监(东莞松山湖附近,新能源行业)

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Salary: Monthly salary within 60k + year-end bonus + project bonus
Direct Supervisor: CFO Subordinates: 20-30 people
Job Responsibilities:

  1. Based on the company’s development strategy, formulate and implement IT strategic planning, organize the implementation of information system construction, and provide safe, stable, and efficient support for the operation of the company’s information systems;
  2. Lead the initiation and implementation of major projects, including feasibility studies, project initiation, selection, implementation, operation, maintenance, and upgrades of IT projects;
  3. Coordinate and promote the digital strategy implementation of the company and its subordinate business units, optimize the delivery methods of enterprise products and services, improve operational efficiency, and create business value;
  4. Responsible for formulating IT budgets and plans, and implementing IT project and resource management;
  5. Develop and implement standardized system management policies and procedures that meet business development and legal compliance requirements.
    Job Requirements:
  6. Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably in computer science, information management, electronic engineering, or related fields;
  7. Over 10 years of IT-related experience, with more than 5 years of IT team management experience in large manufacturing industries, and comprehensive knowledge of company IT system operations;
  8. Familiar with ERP, MES, WMS, CRM, and other manufacturing industry software systems, with successful experience in system planning and implementation;
  9. Familiar with digital factory construction experience and able to use these technologies for business transformation;
  10. Strong communication skills, good business analysis ability, logical thinking ability, and other comprehensive qualities, proficient in project management;
  11. Good negotiation skills and communication ability, organizational and coordination ability, able to withstand considerable work pressure.

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