Hope TiSpark supports view reading

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Original topic: 希望tispark支持视图读取

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We have flow data from many different projects and need to create a view in each database to unify the standard format of the flow data for all projects, then use TiSpark to extract it to Yarn for computation.

[Desired Behavior of the Requirement]
Currently, TiSpark does not support view data extraction. We hope this can be implemented as soon as possible.
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[Background Information]
Such as which users will benefit from it, and some usage scenarios. Any API design, models, or diagrams would be more helpful.

We have found the JDBC catalog and are using JDBC catalog as a temporary solution.

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It seems like this is the future development plan.

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I don’t know when it will be available in the official version.

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Is TiSpark going to be replaced by TiFlash?

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When TiFlash performs calculations, TiDB operates as a single node, similar to ClickHouse.

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It occupies TiDB’s computation and memory, causing single point issues.

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I guess they don’t want to continue developing it, the version releases are too slow.