How can everyone learn the 303 course?

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Original topic: 大家是怎么能学习303课程的呀

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How is everyone able to study the 303 course?

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Points redemption

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1200 points redemption

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Earning points

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Or you can wait, there have been events in the past where you could watch for free during the event period.

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Points are meant for learning.

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First, learn 101 for free, then accumulate points to exchange for 303.

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303 can only be redeemed with points, there is no other way, right?

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Points redemption

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Earn some points

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Free giveaway event.

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The worst fear is accumulating enough points to redeem them, only for a new 7.0 version of the certification to come out :joy:

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Earning points!

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Points, otherwise buy TiDB’s service and ask them for a redemption code.

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Points redemption, if many people learn it, such as a company initiative, can be done together by contacting the official team.

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Participate in promotions, accumulate points, and take advantage of the company.

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You can exchange points.

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There is currently a 600 points redemption event, hurry up and go for it!

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Will we be able to wait for it?

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The current promotion offers quite a lot with 600 points, and it ends on the 15th.