How does TiDB achieve repeatable read?

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Original topic: tidb是如何实现可重复读的?

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I’m a bit confused after reading the documentation, hoping for some guidance from the experts.

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MVCC is implemented through snapshot reads. It will only read the snapshot that was committed before the transaction started; subsequent committed transactions are not visible.

The function of snapshot reads is similar to the logical view created at the start of a transaction under MySQL’s RR level, maintaining visibility of the database state as it was at the beginning of the transaction.

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TiDB’s MVCC means that during update, insert, and delete operations, a new row is inserted, and the transaction queries the original row.

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I recommend watching the official training videos, which are currently free - Distributed Transactions.
TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture (101) (

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You can take a look here:

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MVCC mechanism

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You can take a look at the interpretation of MVCC.

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Isolation level, RR.

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By using the MVCC mechanism, efficient concurrency control and repeatable reads are achieved.