How many K does TiDB read and write in a single IO, i.e., what is the IO unit?

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Original topic: tidb一次IO读写多少K,即IO单位是多少

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What is the data read/write size per disk operation in TiDB? For example, Oracle uses 8K, MySQL uses 16K, so what is the IO read/write unit size in TiDB?

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The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text content for translation.

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TiKV Configuration File Description | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Default 64k

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The default value of 64K is still much larger than other databases.

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This value is very large and can easily cause write failures.

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How do you measure the quality of block size? Is it better if it’s larger? Why does Oracle only need 8k?

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It will be as large as you set it.

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3rd Floor: Correct.

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AI misled me, I thought it was 64k, but the official documentation says 32k.

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You can’t rely entirely on AI.

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Just refer to the official documentation, and make sure to check the version number, as different versions may not be the same.

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What kind of AI is this?

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I checked the old version, and it is indeed 64KB.

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