How many types of replica creation synchronization are there in TiFlash?

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Original topic: tiflash的副本创建同步有几种

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Can any expert help introduce the methods for creating TiFlash replicas and data synchronization?

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When you need to adjust the number of TiFlash replicas, you can execute the alter table set tiflash replica statement in TiDB. This statement is executed as a DDL statement. After executing this statement, TiDB will convert it into a series of DDL operations and then send these DDL operations to the TiFlash instance. The TiFlash instance will periodically start a subprocess to handle operations related to adding or deleting TiFlash replicas.

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Thank you, master. So, when importing data into TiKV, can we set up the TiFlash replica synchronization in advance? Or do we have to import the data into TiKV first and then execute the statement set in tiflash-replica 1 to set up the replica?

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Here to learn a bit.

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Thank you for sharing. Let’s learn and progress together.

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Mark, learned.

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TiKV and TiFlash are asynchronous. They do not affect each other.

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Data is replicated asynchronously.

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Here to learn.

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Mark, noted.

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The data is replicated asynchronously, so the order of importing and adding replicas doesn’t matter.

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