How to Add Small Projects to the Monitoring Dashboard

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Original topic: 监控面板的小项目如何添加

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kv backoff ops only has three items, how to add more, the documentation mentions five items

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You don’t have that label in the monitoring, so it didn’t show up. :joy_cat:

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For monitoring alerts, you can refer to this official documentation link: TiDB 集群报警规则 | PingCAP 文档中心

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It should all be there, categorized by type. If it’s not there, it’s possible that the kv retry isn’t triggered by the type of error you need.

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Oh, if it doesn’t show up, it means you don’t have this error. You can extend the time period a bit and see if there are any such errors.

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Is it because the version is relatively old and doesn’t have these metrics?

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I didn’t see any.

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Intentionally create some issues and then extend the time. Let’s see if it happens.

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I have a lot of tidb_tikvclient_backoff_seconds_count metrics, it should be that there are no such metrics.

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It seems like the documentation versions got mixed up. If you want to see more monitoring parameters, I suggest scheduling an upgrade…

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No, this is to count the types and times of your backoff, but if there are some types of backoff that are not present in the time period you are searching for, they will not be displayed.

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You can refer to the official documentation link: