How to Address the Creation of Tables Without Effective Indexes to Resolve the Issue of TiCDC Being Unable to Synchronize Such Tables?

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Original topic: 基于 TiCDC 不能同步无有效索引表的问题,如何从源头解决无有效索引表的创建呢?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] 7.1
Regarding the issue that TiCDC cannot synchronize tables without valid indexes, how can we prevent the creation of tables without valid indexes from the source?
For example: Is there a parameter to prohibit the creation of tables without valid indexes?

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Yes, 系统变量 | PingCAP 文档中心

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It feels like we should communicate with the leadership and establish a standard, linking it to assessments. Only then will it work. From a technical perspective, imposing restrictions might not be appreciated by others, who may think you are creating obstacles.

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Introducing SQL work order auditing, we also have extensive multi-permissions in R&D, and downstream synchronization often encounters issues. After implementing auditing, this problem has been effectively avoided. It’s similar to Yearning, with statement validation and configurable desired restrictions, which will be rejected in the first step.

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Standardize index creation!
Follow certain standards and usage rates for index creation.
Rules or audit mechanisms.

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This is a development standard issue; normally, a table would definitely have a primary key.

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This parameter is correct. Modify the primary key to write it as delete and add in one statement.

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We previously used MySQL 8.0, and all environments were forced to enable sql_require_primary_key=ON. The same applies to TiDB.

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It is generally recommended to set SET GLOBAL sql_require_primary_key=on when using CDC. If a table is created or modified without a primary key, an error will be returned.

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Development standards, training. Working on parameter constraints.

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Actually, this has a big pitfall. Many metadata tables on DM do not have primary keys, and enabling it will cause DM to fail.

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Database development standards are essential.

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Database development standards are essential :+1:

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:saluting_face: Got it, thanks.

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