How to Cancel BR Backup

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Original topic: BR备份怎么取消

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How do you cancel the execution of the BR command midway when using BR for backup or restore? Is there a BR command to cancel it? Is Ctrl + C the only way? I’m not referring to log backups, but how to terminate snapshot backups midway through the task. Also, how do you know the backup progress percentage when using BR for backup or restore? This can be known when using SQL for backup. I mean, without looking at the terminal, I use a Go program to call BR.

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Execute the br log pause command to pause the currently running log backup task.

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What I meant is, during a snapshot backup, is there any command that can stop it?

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This is for log backup, right?
I mean terminating the task during the read progress of snapshot backup.

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The br log truncate command is used to delete expired or no longer needed backup log data from the backup storage.
br log stop is used to stop the backup task and delete the task metadata.

That’s how I understand it, but I haven’t tested it!

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I’ve tried all of these. What I’m referring to is not log backup but snapshot backup. During the backup process, when it’s at 20% or 30%, I want to stop it abruptly. I couldn’t find this in the documentation. Do I have to use CTRL+C?

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The br backup is just one command, if you want to stop it, just kill it.

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Just kill the background process directly.

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Alright, it seems this is the only way.

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You can only kill it. During the backup, progress is output every 5 minutes, but not as a percentage. During the restore, the log will print the percentage progress.

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kill -9 solves everything

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Use kill

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force kill

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Directly killing it may cause some issues.

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Kill the br command.

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Find the process ID and kill it directly.

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If killing the process doesn’t work, you can only restart. I’ve seen this happen…

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The almighty kill -9

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