How to change the encoding format to utf8mb3 in sync-diff-inspector and verify versions after MySQL 8

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Original topic: sync-diff-inspector怎么修改编码格式为utf8mb3,需要校验mysql8以后的版本

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[Encountered Issue: Phenomenon and Impact] When using sync-diff-inspector to verify MySQL 8.0.33 data, it cannot recognize the utf8mb3 encoding format.

Where can I modify the encoding format?
[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
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May I ask which version of TiDB you are using? According to the documentation, it seems that utf8mb3 is only supported in TiDB 7.2. I’m not sure if this diff tool is supported, as I haven’t seen any documentation on it.

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Isn’t it utf8mb4?

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You can replace mb3 with mb4 in the database, right?