How to change the installation directory of tiup?

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Original topic: 如何更换 tiup 的安装目录?

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After executing the following command, tiup is installed in the /root/.tiup directory:

root@ubt22-dev1:~# curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Since the root directory is relatively small, to prevent tiup from downloading components and filling up the system disk, I manually moved the /root/.tiup directory to a shared disk and modified the PATH environment variable in /root/.bashrc:

root@ubt22-dev1:~# mkdir /mnt/share/database/tidb -p
root@ubt22-dev1:~# mv /root/.tiup /mnt/share/database/tidb

However, subsequent commands resulted in errors:

root@ubt22-dev1:~# tiup -v
Please check for root manifest file, you may download one from the repository mirror, or try `tiup mirror set` to force reset it.
Error: initial repository from mirror( failed: error loading manifest root.json: open /root/.tiup/bin/root.json: no such file or directory

root@ubt22-dev1:~# whereis tiup
tiup: /mnt/share/database/tidb/.tiup/bin/tiup

How should I change the tiup installation directory to make it work properly?


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Just like this?

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Yes, refer to here.

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Modify or add in the environment variables.

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You don’t need to worry about this at all. It’s just a command, a .sh file, and it won’t be very large. For subsequent installations, you will need to manually specify other directories, which is what you need to designate. Unless your directory is only 100M, you might consider installing the command in another directory.

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Modify environment variables

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Indeed, it is possible to specify parameters to install components elsewhere. However, from the first impression, I still prefer to use the default values.

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You just need to set it in the environment variables.

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Manually modify environment variable configuration files and such.

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Adjust the environment variables to change to the new ones.

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Modify environment variables

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Just set the environment variable.

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