How to Change the node_exporter_port Port

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Original topic: 要如何修改node_exporter_port端口

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By using edit config to check the current configuration, it looks like this:
node_exporter_port: 9100
blackbox_exporter_port: 9115
deploy_dir: /data/tidb/deploy
data_dir: /data/tidb/deploy/data
log_dir: /data/tidb/deploy/log
Now, I need to change the node_exporter_port because one physical machine needs to deploy TiKV nodes for two clusters. It seems that directly modifying the port through edit-config does not take effect.

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Refer to this and take a look:

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Go to this directory /data/deploy/monitor-9100/scripts and modify the shell script.

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  • Locate the TiDB cluster configuration file meta.yaml, which is usually found at the path .tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/{cluster_name}.
  • Open the meta.yaml file, find the node_exporter_port configuration item, and change it to the new port number you want to set.
  • Save the changes to the meta.yaml file.
  • Next, you need to update the system’s service startup script. Locate the node_exporter service script, usually found in the /etc/systemd/system/ directory, and the file name should include the new port number you just set.
  • Open the service script and replace all occurrences of the old port number with the new port number.
  • Save the changes to the service script.
  • Reload the system’s unit configuration files so that the system can recognize the new configuration:
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  • Finally, restart the TiDB cluster to apply the new configuration:
    tiup cluster restart {cluster_name}
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To correct, tiup cluster restart will not distribute the configuration, it will only load the local configuration.