How to Check Load Balancing Imbalance in TiDB

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Original topic: 大佬们tidb怎么看负载均衡不均衡

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How do you check for load imbalance in TiDB?

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You can check the load balancing status through TiDB Dashboard. TiDB Dashboard is a visual monitoring tool for TiDB that helps you monitor the status, performance, and topology of the TiDB cluster. On the Overview page of the Dashboard, you can see the overall load status of the TiDB cluster, including CPU usage, disk I/O, etc. On the TiDB Details page, you can view the load status of each TiDB node, including QPS, number of connections, CPU usage, etc. If you find load imbalance, you can optimize load balancing by adjusting the topology of the TiDB cluster, adjusting TiDB configuration parameters, and other methods.

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Self-questioning and self-answering?

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Self-directed and self-acted.

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I just look at the number of connections for each TiDB node in Grafana.

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Load balancing cannot be fully achieved even with hardware, and it’s even more of a joke when it comes to software.

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From the current situation, load balancing in any software cannot be fully achieved to a certain extent or fundamentally; it is always relative load balancing.

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The simplest way to see TiDB’s connections and requests is that they are balanced.