How to Check TiCDC Historical Versions

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Original topic: 如何查看TiCDC历史版本

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Is there any place where I can see the historical versions and update content of TiCDC?

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Here it is: Releases · pingcap/tiflow · GitHub. Now ticdc has been moved to the tiflow repository.

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The ticdc component is released along with TiDB. You can view the version release history at TiDB 版本发布历史 | PingCAP 文档中心. The update content for each version can be found in the respective release notes at TiDB 7.5.0 Release Notes | PingCAP 文档中心. When the image source is the official online image source, you can see the existing cdc component versions in the TiDB official image by running tiup list cdc.

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Releases · pingcap/tiflow · GitHub TiCDC has been moved to the tiflow repository.

The recommended way to check the changes in the CDC component is to view its change log on GitHub.

If accessing GitHub is inconvenient, you can check the change logs for each version in the official documentation by searching for the keyword TiCDC.

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