How to Clear the Task Status Queried in Query-Status After DM Synchronization Task Stops

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Original topic: dm同步任务停止后,query-status中查询的任务状态,怎样清除

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[TiDB Version] V5.3.3
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[Encountered Issue: Issue Phenomenon and Impact] Previously configured DM synchronization tasks, now the tasks are no longer needed. After stopping, using query-status still retrieves some related information after the task has stopped. How can these related task information be cleared?
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I’m using version 7.1, and the displayed structure is already different. There is no sourceStatus node.

I think if you really don’t want to look at this source information, you can use jq to process the result. Just look at what you need.

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jq processing refers to handling the results after querying, right? It seems there is no good way to clean up online.

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This is the result of operate-source show, indicating that there are no subtasks running on the worker.