How to Clear TiKV Cache After Incorrect TiKV Decommissioning Steps

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Original topic: tikv下线步骤错误怎么清理集群下线tikv缓存

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.2.4
[Reproduction Path] A TiKV node was taken offline, its status has changed to tombstone, but tiup cluster prune xx has not been executed yet. I executed store remove-tombstone in pd-ctl, and now when I go back to execute tiup cluster prune xx, it prompts “Error: no store matching address ‘’ found”. How can I manually clear the offline TiKV from the cluster cache display?
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Prune should be performing the manual operations you mentioned…
You can go to the .tiup directory, find the meta file for your cluster, and manually delete the information for this tikv. Not sure if there are any other risks.

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Prune is a manual operation and should be done before store remove-tombstone. The current execution order is incorrect, and when prune is executed again, the node cannot be found.

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How about trying to add force?

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Display it to see if the current situation is normal.

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Normally, it’s above.

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It is indeed confirmed that this node no longer exists, you can try tiup cluster scale-in xxx --force.

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Directly use --fore to clean up the meta files.

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Yes, you can use scale-in --force.

| username: 普罗米修斯 | Original post link

No problem with trying this scale-in force.

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