How to Compile tidb-server Source Code into an Executable File

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Original topic: tidb-server 源码怎么编译成可执行文件

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I would like to ask the teachers for advice. Recently, I wanted to study the code of the TiDB components. I downloaded the source code and then entered the tidb-6.1.2/tidb-server directory in the source code directory. I executed go build -o tidb-server main.go, but I found that the compiled tidb-server file had issues. Its MD5 checksum was different from the one in the normal installation package, and executing ./tidb-server -V did not display the version information. How can I compile the TiDB component code into an executable file?

My own compiled version:

Official tidb-server binary file:

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You might need to refer to Get the code, build and run - TiDB Development Guide (

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Is there any way to pull a specific version of TiDB?