How to Configure secret-key-path for DM-master After Version v8.0.0

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Original topic: v8.0.0版本后DM-master 如何配置 secret-key-path

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secret-key-path: The path where the key used to encrypt and decrypt the upstream and downstream passwords is located. The content of this file must be a 64-character hexadecimal AES-256 key.

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This is the official documentation. I added this parameter to the configuration file, but after restarting the service, it reported that there was no such parameter: parse cmd flags err: master config contained unknown configuration options: secret-key-path.

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I haven’t used such a high version before, I’ll mark it down for future learning.

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Refer to the official documentation.

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The sample provided in the official documentation is inconsistent with the config file. Use tiup dm edit-config to configure each master server as follows:

The key file is a 64-character hexadecimal string.