How to configure the number of log archive files for DM-worker?

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Original topic: DM-worker怎么配置日志归档文件数量?

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  1. How to configure the number of archived log files for DM-worker?
    There are many archived log files in the /dm-deploy/dm-worker-8262/log/ directory, such as dm-worker-2023-01-01T08-16-17.676.log. Can the number of these archived files or the retention period be configured? How to configure it?

  2. What is the dumped_data.xxxxxx file?
    What causes the files in the /dm-deploy/dm-worker-8262/dumped_data.xxxxxx directory? Can they be deleted?

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It seems that logs cannot be automatically archived, I don’t remember exactly, but you can adjust the log level. Or you can check the expires parameter to see if it configures the log retention time.
TiDB Data Migration Upstream Database Configuration File Introduction | PingCAP Docs
The dumped_data.task_xxx folder, this full backup is generally quite large, and can be deleted after importing the backup. Note that if dm-worker and TiKV are mixed, pd will experience store region score performance jitter.

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