How to Configure TiDB Backup CR to Backup System Databases

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Original topic: tidb备份cr如何配置可以备份系统库

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【Encountered Issue: Issue Phenomenon and Impact】Found this parameter in the documentation, but not sure how to reflect it in the backup YAML
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During a recent test of TiDB backup migration, it was found that the user information in the migrated TiDB database was empty. It seems that if you want to perform a backup through BR’s CRD, certain parameters need to be set.

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It’s written in the document you screenshotted.

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I’m not very clear about the specific type of this parameter configuration in the YAML file.

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It’s not clear how this parameter is specified in the YAML file. Is it tableFilter: “.”?

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Dumpling does not back up user information, while BR does. However, when restoring with BR, if you need to restore user information, you must keep an empty database and add the parameter --with-sys-table.

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This is done using the br command, but it seems that there is no such parameter in the scheduled backup of crd. It seems that tablefilter needs to be configured. I will test it to see if it works.

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Adopted another backup user solution

Tested and feasible

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