How to Convert Time to TSO Value

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Original topic: 如何转化时间为tso值

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How to convert time to TSO value
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My idea is, if CDC might have data issues, I want to replay 10 hours of data, and the GC time is also set to 24h.
How to get the TSO value for a specific time to resynchronize this data. Similar to OGG re-extracting data within a certain time range.

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SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME(CONV(LEFT(BIN(‘430457637306368001’),41),2,10)/1000);
SELECT TIDB_PARSE_TSO(‘430457637306368001’)

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select conv(concat(bin(unix_timestamp('2023-04-06 16:52:23')*1000),'000000000000000001'),2,10);
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