How to Debug TiDB with HTAP Capabilities

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Original topic: 怎么调试有HTAP功能的TiDB

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Where should I find the deployment tutorial?

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Are you referring to deploying TiFlash? If so, you can deploy it by scaling out the existing cluster.

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I want to install the source code to debug and trace the statement execution process. But now I can only successfully debug TiDB, and it seems that TiFlash is not being used. I don’t know how to debug with HTAP functionality.

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If you want to use TiFlash, you need the table to have TiFlash replicas, and the SQL execution plan should select TiFlash. For example, executing some statistical SQL queries.
Search the documentation on how to use TiFlash.

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For source code debugging, take a look here:

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Add TiFlash replicas with the script, then check the execution plan using EXPLAIN after completion.

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If TiFlash is installed, the table needs to be configured with TiFlash replicas. After synchronization is complete, check the execution plan of the query SQL.