How to Deploy node_exporter Separately

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Original topic: 如何单独部署node_exporter

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Modified the path of tikv to /data1/tidb/, but node_exporter is still under the /data/tidb directory. Now the /data disk has been unmounted. How to deploy node_exporter separately to /data1? Current configuration:
node_exporter_port: 9100
blackbox_exporter_port: 9115
deploy_dir: /data/tidb/tidb-deploy/monitor-9100
data_dir: /data/tidb/tidb-data/monitor-9100
log_dir: /data/tidb/tidb-deploy/monitor-9100/log
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Can a specific IP be set separately? Otherwise, the tikv on that node always reports an error
timed out waiting for port 9115 to be started after 2m0s

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One of the TiKV nodes changed its path to /data1, while the other two TiKV nodes are still under /data.

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Refer to this:
【SOP 系列 12】TiUP 修改集群 IP 、Port 和目录 - TiDB 的问答社区

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deploy_dir: /data1/

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Move the original file to /data1, then leave a symbolic link at the original location.

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I think directly scaling down and then scaling up is more convenient…