How to Determine OOM When TiDB Server Executes SQL?

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Original topic: tidb server执行SQL,如何判断OOM?

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How to determine OOM (Out of Memory) when TiDB server executes SQL?

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If it’s just SQL, there is a parameter tidb_mem_quota_query to control the memory size for SQL.

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Check the memory consumption of the SQL query, and also the parameter tidb_mem_quota_query.

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You can check the system logs and monitor system metrics to see if there is an OOM (Out of Memory) issue.

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If testing, try setting the tidb_mem_quota_query limit smaller to see what the OOM result is.

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Check logs and monitor.

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When an OOM (Out of Memory) occurs, the session is usually forcibly interrupted. Both the TiDB server and the TiKV server may experience OOM.

Check the operating system logs:
dmesg -T | grep tidb-server
dmesg -T | grep tikv-server

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The most straightforward way is to write a large SQL query in the test environment and set the parameter tidb_mem_quota_query to a few MB, then you can reproduce it.

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Read the documentation whenever you have free time.

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“Check error logs,” “Set memory thresholds and behavior”

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Try modifying the tidb_mem_quota_query parameter to reproduce the issue.