How to Determine the Correspondence Between SST Files and Regions

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Original topic: 请问如何确定sst文件与region对应关系

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How can I find which table and region an SST file in the TiKV data directory corresponds to?

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You can use tikv-ctl region-properties to query the relationship between region and SST.

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Where can I get the corresponding version of the tikv-ctl command file?
The TiDB-community-toolkit package does not include pd-ctl or tikv-ctl.

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Check out this official documentation: TiKV Control 使用说明 | PingCAP 文档中心

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At first, there was no ctl directory under /home/tidb/.tiup/components. I ran tiup ctl --help, which automatically generated the ctl directory, and commands like pd-ctl are available. What is the principle behind this?

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