How to Disable TiDB from Starting

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Original topic: tidb 如何禁止开启启动

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I set up a single-node TiDB cluster on a VMware virtual machine.
The startup command is:

tiup cluster start watchpoint

However, the TiDB cluster starts automatically every time the machine boots.

I want to start it manually, but the query command:

enable      Enable a TiDB cluster automatically at boot

doesn’t have a command to disable automatic startup.

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The components of TiDB are managed by systemd, and you can use systemctl disable xxxx.service to disable the auto-start of each component at boot.

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tiup cluster disable
Refer to this link:

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systemctl disable

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tiup cluster disable cluster-name

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Disabling a cluster with tiup cluster disable <cluster-name> means disabling the auto-start of components on all nodes using systemctl disable <service>.

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tiup cluster disable cluster-name

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