How to Effectively Detect TiDB Parameter Configuration Errors

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Original topic: TiDB参数配置错误,如何有效检测

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Test
[TiDB Version] 7.4
[Reproduction Path]
Step 1: Modify configuration parameters
tiup cluster edit-config tidb-test
Add the proxy-protocol.networks parameter, assuming an unsupported parameter is incorrectly configured (e.g., localhost): proxy-protocol.networks: localhost,

Step 2: Restart the cluster
tiup cluster reload tidb-test -R tidb
During the restart process, multiple TiDB nodes restart sequentially, and no errors are logged.

Step 3: Check the restart status
After the restart, the dashboard shows that all TiDB nodes are online.
Execute: tiup cluster display command, which shows TiDB nodes as Down, indicating that the database cluster is actually in an abnormal state.

[Question 1]
Is this issue specific to the proxy-protocol.networks parameter? If an incorrect parameter is configured, there are no errors during the configuration file save process or the restart process. Are there any other detection methods to avoid this issue?

[Question 2]
Is there any way to make the dashboard data refresh more timely?

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:flushed: It should support localhost, but it cannot be accessed after configuration. You can try parameters like xxxxxxx; I understand that these are the parameters that are not supported.

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The parameter is not supported, and it can be seen in the TiDB error log or system log.

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The proxy-protocol.networks is quite special, you need to look it up yourself.

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After you removed localhost, did it work normally after restarting?

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If the parameter is wrong, it will report an error. If the parameter value is wrong, it may not necessarily report an error.

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After modifying the parameter edit-config, there will be a confirmation action. Some regular parameters will be checked for compliance, prompting you to either modify them again or keep them as they are, while others do not. :sweat:

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Yes, IP or *, both are acceptable.

| username: 源de爸 | Original post link

Alright, indeed the phenomenon is like this.

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Does this not support two IPs? MongoDB allows this kind of binding.

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Okay, got it. The main issue is that I didn’t see any error logs when reloading, so I assumed there were none in the log file either.

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That’s right, I thought they would check it for you.

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It seems like this, everything seemed normal during the restart.

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